Partnership in Action: Building Bridges with OSG

Photo: Fousseyni Kane and Mamadou Sangare (USTBB, Mali) and Fredrick Kakembo, Henry Mutegeki, and Olga Nsangi Tendo (Makerere University, Uganda) tour of the Center for High-Throughput Performance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The OSG Consortium is dedicated to advancing open science through distributed High Throughput Computing. They do this by building and operating pools of shared computing and data capacity. With ACE’s commitment to provide high-performance scientific computing infrastructure to African research institutions, an OSG-ACE partnership offered the potential to accelerate both consortiums’ goals. 

Over the last few years, OSG and ACE have worked together to connect African students with distributed Throughput Computing resources. In February 2022, OSG organized a customized High Throughput Computing (HTC) training session so that ACE researchers could better tackle data-intensive research. In 2022 and 2023, OSG also invited ACE students to the OSG Summer School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During the School, ACE researchers toured the campus, visited a high-performance computing lab, and learned how to run and manage huge datasets through HTC resources. 

These types of mutually beneficial partnerships are the cornerstone of the ACE Consortium. To learn more and explore potential partnership opportunities, please contact