HPCwire Editors' Choice: ACE Fights Disease with HPC

Shane Corder, Senior Scientific Consultant at BioTeam, Tom Tabor, CEO of Tabor Communications, and Ari Berman, CEO at BioTeam accept the Editor's Choice award at the BioTeam booth at SC23

HPCwire's prestigious Editors' Choice award recognized the ACE program's transformative impact on combating infectious diseases in Africa. Winners were announced mid-November at the Supercomputing Conference in Denver. BioTeam proudly represented the ACE program in accepting the award at their booth. 

The ACE Centers in Mali and Uganda are dedicated to:

  • Training future generations of African scientists: ACE equips researchers with the cutting-edge skills needed to tackle complex challenges like infectious diseases.
  • Developing life-saving treatments: By leveraging HPC, ACE scientists are accelerating the discovery of new therapies.
  • Strengthening Africa's frontline defense: The program fosters a network of highly trained professionals prepared to confront emerging infectious threats.

The Editors' Choice award is a testament to ACE's remarkable contribution to global health and its unwavering commitment to empowering African scientists.

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